Personalized Representation From Seasoned Professionals

At Rapp, Manzer & Minnerop, LLP, we pride ourselves on providing support to our clients who are under a great deal of stress because of events like criminal charges, divorce or the death of a loved one.

At our office in Greeley, Colorado, our family law, criminal defense and probate lawyers will provide you with the practical legal advice you need in these emotional times to make reasoned decisions regarding your future.

We Understand How Family Law And Criminal Defense Issues Can Intertwine

Our attorneys know how domestic violence allegations and assault charges can affect your divorce. Instead of working with separate family law and criminal law attorneys, who will only be concerned with their specific cases, you can work with our lawyers, who will view the situation holistically and work to help you achieve your goals in all of your legal matters.

Each client of Rapp, Manzer & Minnerop, LLP, receives ample one-on-one contact with his or her attorney, and you will receive the same. Your lawyer will listen to all of your questions and help you craft a plan that protects your best interests.