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The goal of mediation is to assist two people with reaching an agreement that resolves the dispute between them. Mediated agreements almost always require compromise between the parties. The best mediated agreement is an agreement that works for both parties and provides benefits to both parties.

In domestic relations matters, Courts require the parties to participate in mediation before the Court will schedule a hearing to resolve the issue. Mediation empowers people to resolve issues on their own. Mediation is confidential which means that proposals made in mediation are not to be discussed in Court. A mediator’s job is to explore different ways to resolve their issues. Mediation can reduce the cost of your case by avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Mark Rapp has been providing mediation services for the past five years. Mark Rapp has represented parties in family law matters for over 30 years. He has participated in mediation by representing parties during that time as well. He will apply his knowledge of the law and his experience with the judge assigned to your case to help the parties craft a mutually beneficial agreement.

Mediation can be scheduled virtually or in person. Mediation can take place with both parties in the same room or with each party in a separate room and the mediator shuttling back and forth.

Mark A. Rapp is a member of the Weld County Judicial District’s approved mediator’s list. Often, he can schedule a mediation session within a week or two of your request. Additionally, for an additional fee, he can draft your agreement or other court mandated documents as an unbundled legal service.

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