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Child Support: When Judgment Matters

Few legal issues cause clients in Greeley, Colorado, more concern than when their children are involved. Child support is one of those issues.

When you are dealing with a child support dispute, you want attorneys in your corner who understand how the child support system works. With more than 50 years of combined experience, the family law attorneys of Rapp, Manzer & Minnerop, LLP, have that knowledge. You can schedule your first meeting by calling us at 970-573-6880.

Personalized Attention For Difficult Situations

Our lawyers’ years of experience mean we know how to exercise judgment effectively in child support matters that may be more complex or confusing than normal. We can help you understand the child support system, too, including what the law says and how we can position you best in relation to those laws.

Whether you are seeking to establish child support rules through your divorce decree or you are embroiled in a post-divorce decree dispute, you will be able to rely on us to guide you through the process. Your fair treatment under the law is our goal.

To do that, we provide you with personal attention from start to finish. Further, you will get that attention from your attorney. We do not hide our attorneys behind layers of bureaucracy.

Communication with your attorney means you will understand what is happening with your case at every phase of the proceedings. It also means you will understand your options and how to choose from them wisely.

Learn More About How Our Lawyers Can Help You

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