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A prenuptial agreement may protect your interests during divorce

If you are planning to walk down the aisle, divorce is probably the last thing you would like to think about. However, the reality is that many marriages today end in divorce, so it only makes sense to be prepared for such a situation by creating a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement will essentially establish particular terms that will go into effect if your marriage ends. For instance, perhaps you would like to protect your family business assets from your spouse if you decide to get a divorce. Here is a look at what you can and cannot include in this type of legal agreement in Colorado.

Avoiding the courtroom in a Colorado divorce

It's possible that one of the reasons you are ending your marriage is because you are tired of confrontations with your soon-to-be former spouse. Perhaps the thought of spending time arguing about your divorce issues in court makes your stomach churn and your head hurt. At this point, you may want to avoid the courtroom all together and find another way to handle the situation.

You don't have to rely on the traditional, adversarial system in order to finalize your divorce. You and your spouse could agree to try mediation first.

The process of establishing paternity and where to find support

If you believe that you are the biological father of a child, you may have an interest in determining paternity. While it is typically simple to determine the mother of a child, sometimes determining exactly who the father is can be more of a challenge. Establishing proper paternity can have long-term financial and emotional benefits for the child.

Therefore, when the question of paternity arises, either for the alleged father or for the mother, it is a significant issue that has weighty implications for children. If the parents cannot agree upon paternity, the issue will typically head to the courts. Advancements in science have made paternity issues easier to resolve, and once the true father is determined, the courts can begin the process of making certain decisions that will best benefit the child.

When might an uncontested divorce be the right choice for you?

Colorado couples facing divorce know that it can be complex and emotionally difficult to end a marriage. Despite the difficulty of this process, it is possible to avoid the stress and cost of litigation. Some couples are able to seek an uncontested divorce, which means that they are able to avoid going to court.

An uncontested divorce is an option for couples that have no remaining disputes between them. This process is generally more streamlined than a traditional divorce, and it can allow both parties to move on to their post-divorce lives more quickly. If you believe that you and your spouse are already in agreement on most divorce-related issues, you may want to consider the benefits of filing for an uncontested divorce.

The holidays are coming. How should we handle the time with the kids?

Question: My husband and I separated recently. We haven’t hired attorneys yet and until we do, we are kind of making things up as we go along. The holidays are approaching and I am wondering what the standard is for dividing time with the kids. Should we flip a coin? Have one of us take Thanksgiving and the other take Christmas? Or should we split each holiday in two?

Answer: The short answer is yes to any or all of the above, or any other arrangement on which you can agree. Without a court order in place delineating who gets what holiday, the two of you are truly left to your own devices.

Co-parenting challenges after divorce

As a young parent and spouse, you are caught up in balancing the needs of your kids, your career and quality time with your significant other. However, since having kids, you haven't had a chance to work on your relationship with your spouse, and now you fear the stress could lead to divorce.

If this is how you feel, you're not alone. Although the divorce rate is declining among Millennials, couples have consistently reported to experiencing a steep decline in marital satisfaction after having kids.

What couples should know heading into divorce

The decision to divorce is not an easy one. If you have children, it is especially hard to decide if this is the right path. In the end, though, it may be for the better. However, you need to make sure you understand the process and avoid any mistakes that could hurt your and your children's future. Here are some important points to keep in mind:


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